Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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We left yesterday about 3:30 to move him in to his dorm. We had a nice dinner before we moved in. It was really easy. We had 4 tubes of stuff and clothes and 2 crates. Had it all unpacked and put together in about 1 1/2 hours. I did really well through the whole move in. It was when I hugged him and said goodbye that's when my tears took over. I cried all the way home.

Talked to him this morning and he is doing great. Went to bed late, but what can you expect, but was up and ready to do the college thing. I promise I will not talk to him again until tomorrow. (I hope I can keep this promise)

Trevor and Taylor also set out for another school year today. Trevor was up and ready to go early. Taylor you had to push a little more. Hope they have great days today. Taylor has a scrimmage out of town. Trevor has one too, but mom is not comfortable leaving him here and being out of town if something should happen. It's that mom thing.

I am doing a lot better than I expected. I think I am at peace because I am sure I have done the right thing and he knows right from wrong. We will see.

Hope he enjoys his college days.



Nate and Em said...

Good luck to Tyler as he enters college, Trevor, Taylor and Miss Talicee this school year...and prayers and wishes for you that all will be well:)

laurel said...

Back to school....I think it makes moms realize how fast their kids are growing. Good luck with school for all!!!

Susan Appleton said...

I don't even have our baby girl yet and I am already dreading her growing up too fast! I hope I can be as good of a mom as you are Kim! You just seem to have it together girl! I think I'll be making a lot of phone calls to your house once we get our Rebekah! hahahahahaha I am glad that the college transition went smoothly and that you are at peace now! You should be so proud of the job that you and Randy have done raising such a fine son! GREAT JOB!