Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok, just call me crazy. On Friday I went to the grocery store. I know my mind was not in it after Thursday night. But anyway, I had a coupon for Banana Nut Cheerios. It was worth $1.00. Could beat that. So I bought a box. Came home and unloaded the groceries. It was raining so Randy did not work and stayed on with Taylor. He unpacked all of the groceries while I went to get Miss Talicee. When I got back, there were some things on the table that needed to go in the pantry. He stated that he would put them in there, you go take and nap and try and get your sense of being back. Who could pass that up. I remember when I went to take a nap that the cheerios where on the table. When I got up, things were still on the table along with the cheerios. Totally different story on that one. So I did not say a word and let for my Ewomen's conference.

Came home on Friday night and things were still on the table. (feel the burn) Cheerios still sitting there. I thought, I will have a bowl of them in the morning before I leave for the conference. Well, time did not work out for breakfast. So off I headed. By the time I got back the table was cleaned off and the cheerios no longer lived on the table. I thought, well they are now in the place they should be. Forgot all about them on Sunday.

So today I get myself all excited about having a bowl of Banana Nut Cheerios. You know the feeling you get when you want some. I headed to the kitchen. Looked in the place where they should be. Not there. Sometimes we put cereal in the freezer. Not there either. Not in the pantry. No where. WHERE ARE MY CHEERIOS. Having major melt down. I know it is just cheerios. But what happened to them.

So the mystery goes on today of where they have disappeared to. I know I bought them because I got them out of the bag. Will let you know if they some how show up.

Just thought you would get a chuckle out of my early morning saga. I really wanted cheerios this morning for breakfast.



laurel said...

I love banana nut cheerios. But I did NOT take yours. I promise.

Casey said...

Did you find them yet?? I hate when that happens... usually mine are missing b/c someone ATE THE WHOLE BOX!! haha!!