Saturday, September 26, 2009


Let me set the day up. It is a Thursday, Sept. 24th, and it is JV football day. The day was so muggy. Our temps got up to 85. About 3:00 p.m. the JV football team headed out for the away game. They had about a 2 to 2 1/2 hour trip. They were on an old school bus. Taylor said I probably rode on this bus when I was in Elementary school. LOL Anyway, they were cramped on the bus. They had to hold their shoulder pads on their laps. While doing that they had to eat their dinner. They usually have a big bus with the storage under neath, but because school was not out yet, that bus was not available. On the way to the away game, it started raining. So they had to put the windows up. Remember it is so muggy that our clothes where sticking to us. Taylor feel asleep while traveling. They arrived there and began their game prep.

Since it the game was so far away, I had a sitter taking care of Trevor and Miss Talicee. Randy and I arrived at the game. It was a beautiful evening and it was beginning to cool off. The game went off. During the game, Taylor came out holding his shoulder. It has been sore for a while. About a minute until the game was over one of his teammates had gotten hit really hard. Taylor sent him off the field. He was not doing good. The game ended. We gathered up our things and watched Taylor go to the huddle for prayer for their teammate and their talk. We watched him walk over there. We left because we did not want the sitter to be too late getting home. As we were leaving, we heard the ambulance coming. They were coming for his teammate. We were about 20 minutes out when Randy got a phone call. He began to slow down and then all of a sudden he turned around in the middle of the road. We headed back to the field. He just said to me, Taylor needs us. I just thought maybe he had gotten sick because it was so muggy and he played hard.

We arrived back at the field. I get out of the van and run over to where everyone was standing. When I got to Taylor he was on a back board. Had a neck collar on and was on oxygen. I just about passed out. I could not figure out what had happened since I just saw him walk to the huddle. He had gotten off of the bus and ask someone to take his pads off. He could not get them off. One of the moms looked at him and noticed that he did not look right. They walked back over to the trainer and where the ambulance was working on the other teammate. At about that time, he began to fall. The mom caught him and he passed out. So they started working on him. His teammate headed to the emergency room and we waited for the second ambulance to come for Taylor. Now all of you mom's out there, you know what I was feeling or not feeling. I was numb from the knees down. Here lays my baby and I have no idea what is wrong with him.

Got to the emergency room. Which is a different story in itself. Only 2 rooms and Taylor's teammate and him in them and a call for a car accident was on its way. The doctor's worked on his teammate who was really hurt. Taylor laid on the back board and neck collar for and hour before they came and worked on him. They examined his neck and determined it was fine. Next was his shoulder and back. They were fine, but will be sore for a while. No major damage. Then he looked at his tongue. He was dehydrated. He also had a slight concussion. The doctor's seem to think that he was dehydrated and that caused him to pass out. About 3 hours later, we were released. Now, Randy is already gone home and it was just Taylor and I. We were like the blind leading the blind to get home. I made him talk to me all the way home. The doctor had give him some pain meds and I was afraid he would go to sleep before we got home.

As of today, he is doing much better. He did not go to school on Friday. He actually slept most of the day because he had a headache. He has drank Gatorade all weekend. He felt much better tonight that he went over to his teammates house to visit. He just got out of the hospital today.

I give all of the glory to God. He protected my little boy. I attended an EWomen's conference this weekend and was reassured that God is my foundation. He is my protector. Thank you God for taking care of my precious child.

Now, as a mom, I am finally getting my sense of being back. Friday, I was really unsure what I was doing. Things like this just rock your world. My husband had a hard time understanding this. He was back to normal on Friday. Took me a little longer to get there.

Thanks for all of the prayers for Taylor. We will see on Monday if he can come back this week to play. I learned a lesson. I will not be leaving my child until he is on the bus and ready to go.



Bobby and Regina said...

Praise the Lord, he is OK - I know you must have been so worried! Keep us posted! Love, Regina

Susan Appleton said...

I am so sorry that you had to go through this Kim. I know you must have been worried sick! Thank goodness he is doing ok now! I will keep him in my prayers! Hang in there my dear friend! Love you lots!

Cheri said...

I know the feeling. But, yes, God is our rock and strength always, even when the outcome is not what we desire. He never changes. I'm glad all is well.