Saturday, September 05, 2009


Have you been wondering where we have gone? I actuall thought things would slow down once I was down 1 kid. No, it does not happen that way. Since I have lost one driver, we have had to reorginize our schedules. And it is a lot on running, so when I get home, I am tired.

School has been in full swing for 2 weeks now. Taylor and Trevor are doing great. Miss Talicee will start 4 year old preschool on Wednesday. She can not wait. She has talked about this for months now. Mid terms come home on Wednesday, so we will see how the boys are doing. You know boys, they don't tell you everything. Trevor passed all but one of his SOL's. I HATE SOL'S. He got advanced on 2 of them. For a child with a learning disability, I am so proud of him. Taylor also passed his.

Football season is in full swing. We are gone every day of the week either for practice or a game. Last night we were at the game and Miss Talicee wanted something out of her football bag. I began digging. I found food, paper, pencils, pens crayons, a timer, bubbles, should I go on. This bag is the bottomless bag. Needless to say, I did not find what she was looking for. I guess I need to clean the bag out. LOL Dance will be in full swing next week, so another day of running. Glad gas prices are not very high right now.

Tyler came home last weekend for his girlfriend's brother's wedding. The kids were so glad to see him. As you can see, he wrestled with the kids for a while. And then gone again. Miss Talicee and Trevor went skating with our church for Awanas. She loved it. By the time to go, she was skating by herself.

Well, as you can see, we are busy, busy busy. I know we are not the only ones. This weekend we have NOTHING planned. Trevor is at the creek for the weekend with one of his friends, Tyler is at the WVU and LU game and then back to school, Taylor and Talicee are just chillin. Probably will close out the pool the next few days, because the weather is beautiful. I actually slept until 9:00 this morning. I would have slept longer, but some sweet little lips woke me up. (Miss Talicee's). I did have help sleeping, I don't sleep. So this was a much welcome result.

Off to do nothing. Enjoy the slide show. I will try to post more often, no promises. I know you bloggers have got to have your fix of our family. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. I am, I am not laboring at all.


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