Saturday, November 14, 2009


Boy this has been a very busy week. I am glad to see next week come. We had something to do every night of this week. Then today I had a craft show all day. I am tired, very tired.

Tuesday night Trevor had is PTA program for the Veterans. It was an awesome program. Trevor was Master of Ceremonies.

Thursday I had a meeting with his teachers and his IEP classes. According to all of the test that they performed, Trevor does not qualify for the Learning Disabled classes any more. We are over the moon about this. We have worked so hard for the last 2 1/2 years and it is paying off. Since he is in the 4th grade, we decided to leave him in the classes just to get a boost so that when he goes to middle school we know that he is ready. He is showing strides in his work. We are some very proud parents.

Mr. Master of Ceremony

Thursday night we attended Taylor football ceremony. We are very proud of him. He got his certificate. Would have gotten his letter this year if he had played a few more plays on varsity. Oh well, he will next year. There is time for this.

Proud of our football player

Miss Talicee finished up swimming lessons on Thursday. She did a great job. She never cried and loved the water and did everything the life guards told her to do. She will still need more swimming lessons, but they will come in the summer. For now we know that she will be safe in the water.

My craft show went great today. I actually made some money. Since we are not doing credit cards, this will come in handy for the winter months when Randy is not working.

I am slowly slowing down. I am very tired. I have had Trevor and Miss Talicee all day and I have not had my nap. I am headed to bed soon.

Oh, the big boys are hunting today because it is the first day of rifle season. Tyler and Taylor got a 6 point buck. Now let me explain that one. It is one deer. They both saw it. Shot and shot and shot. Finally Randy had to shot and kill it because they had no more bullets. I know a man thing. But they got a deer. Randy says it is not big enough to mount. If you could see my garage, you would understand why he says that. The 3 we have now are huge. We have another one that has been mounted that is not up there yet. Still at the taxidermy. It is Tyler's. Now Taylor just needs one on the wall.

I will try to update more often. Just been so busy lately that by the time I get time to go on the computer, I am brain dead.


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laurel said...

Wow, what a busy week. Looks fun though. I don't know how you keep up!