Friday, December 18, 2009


Monday Miss Talicee has her dance Christmas party. It was a very busy day. Taylor had an ortho appointment at the same time as dance. So I take Taylor to ortho. Drop Trevor and Talicee off at dance and head back to ortho to get Taylor. Drop him off at weight lifting and then back to dance. Did I mention that Talicee was out of school on Monday and the other 2 went 2 hours late? So I did grocery shopping with Talicee during the morning hours. I finally got home at 5:00 Monday after noon. It was a very busy day. I did sleep good that night.

Tuesday, Trevor had a Steel Drums Concert. I did not get to go because I had a miagraine. Drums would not have been very good for my head. Randy said he did a good job. The drums where bigger than him. As long as he liked it.

Wednesday, Miss Talicee and I headed home for my uncle's funeral. He died on Sunday night of panceratic cancer. It was very quick. We got home about 8:00 on Thursday night. I am exhausted. Say a prayer for our family. This is the 2nd death in 17 months.

Guess what the weather forcast is for? You guest it, snow and a lot of it. According to the weathermen, it could be 12 to 24 inches. Like we had no plans for the weekend. We have no friends. LOL


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