Monday, December 21, 2009


Ok, we finally got out today. Thank goodness or some not so nice activities would have happened in my house. We thought we would head to the mall. It was the middle of the day and a work day to beat it all. Thought it would not be busy at all. NOT The mall was so crowded. We did our thing and then left. Picked up our last gift of the holiday and headed to look at the lights. Great family time.

We have enough snow that we could build an igloo

Glad to sit on Santa's lap

Hope he brings me that REAL panda bear (NOT)

Riding the train with my daddy

Tree at the mall

Goofing off in Clair's (notice the bracelets and necklaces)

Here comes Santa

Can you tell that I have a little time now to keep the blog updated. Checked on my Nikon camera today. Was told that it would be shipped out today. Well, they lied. Now I will not get it back for Christmas. Geesh people, It is Christmas. Get off your butt and get the camera to UPS

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