Sunday, December 20, 2009

LAZY SNOW DAY AGAIN (Getting old really fast)

Look what Daddy and I built

He needs just a little bit of lovin

I will get your brother


Nothing better than a nap while playing in the snow

Almost covered up

Up from my nap

Ready for a snowball fight

I took my sister down

Well, the snow is putting a damper on our plans for the weekend. Since we have no friends and are a shy family (lol) we had a number of things to do this weekend.

No church for us. 4 wheel drive will not get out of the driveway. So the kids and I are stuck in the house again. Randy is out cleaning other people's driveways. We will not go there. We have been watching movies, playing xbox or sleeping all day. Trevor, Tyler and Talicee went outside for a little while. It is still very cold.

I will be out of the house tomorrow. I promised the kids that we would go to the mall to see the train. I have one last minute gift to get for my grandma before we head home. Hope someone gets me groceries for Christmas. Hint, Hint

Enjoy the pictures. The kids are loving the snow. We are out for Christmas break now with the snow. Looking forward to seeing the smiling faces on Christmas morning. I think the kids will be happy.


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