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I am so glad that 2009 is in the past. I thought that 2010 would be better but as it looks like it right now, it is no better. 2009 started off as a regular year. The kids were 1/2 way through a school year. It was Tyler's senior year and he was making the best of it.

Taylor and Trevor were also doing good in school. Miss Talicee was loving preschool. My business was doing good. I have a goal for myself every month and was maintaining that goal. For Randy's business, well that is another story. It seems that 2009 was not good, but for his business, a couple of years before brought about the problems in 2009. Lets just say that being in business for yourself has many draw backs.


January brought our first snow of the year. We live in VA and we hardly get snow. The kids loved it. Miss Talicee was not too sure of it at first, but got used to it. We celebrated another Chinese New Year. I want to give Miss Talicee as much of her culture as I can. Trevor is in full basketball swing. It seems that we are in some kind of sport every season.

Eating snow
Playing in the snow
From my front porch (First snow of 2009)

Looking for some sunshine

Participating in the dragon dance


February brings more activities. It is Taylor's birthday month and also Valentine's Day. Taylor loves hunting. So for his 15th birthday we got him a mussel loader for his birthday. Since we do not have family here, Taylor got to have many birthday celebrations. Miss Talicee loves to dress up. As you can see, in February, she was a pirate.

What is it Taylor?

My little pirate

Birthday celebration

I believe this is Valentine chocolate


Our weather here has been really warm. So everything was blooming early. It put us into the spring cleaning mood. We started with our bathroom. I think it looks great and refreshing. Baseball practice has started. Easter was on its way. Not much was happening yet. The following months our time gets very limited.

Easter picture of my children

Doesn't she look cute?

Refreshing bathroom

Love this shirt for St. Patty's day. Kiss me I'm American


Spring is here. I love spring. Trevor celebrated the double digits this year. Where is time going? Miss Talicee is loving the new outfits my cyber friend makes for her. Baseball is in full swing, so we are on the run everyday now.

Trevor 10 years old

Chasing dandilions

BlueRidge Red Sox (They went undefeated)


May was a very busy month. We had Mother's Day, Prom, Dance Recital and Graduation parties. Yes, I cried had all year. But I am doing a lot better now. Mother's Day was different this year. Prom was the night before Mother's Day. Since I am in charge of the food at the after prom, I had to be there. So Mother's Day did not come until the next Sunday. What better way to spend Mother's Day than celebrating the Senior Prom with my son. He looked so handsome and had a great time at the prom. We then had Miss Talicee's first dance recital. I think I was more nervous than her. I had a hard time putting the makeup on a 3 year old. It just made her look so grown up. She loves dance and did a great job for a 3 year old just learning.

Tyler's graduation party was on Sunday. It was at my sister's house at the lake. He invited his classmates. We had lunch and then they swam, skied, tubed and just hung out. Some stayed the night because they were having so much fun. I can not believe that in less than a month he would be graduating and taking the next step in his world.

Mother's Day Banquet

Senior Prom

Graduation party cake

Our little dancer


June is a month that I could have waited on. Graduation day. Oh, my. Move on. As you can see, he is ready to move on with his life. Graduation was a great time. I could see in his eyes that he is ready for life. He had chosen his college and was ready to go. We did let him decide what he wanted to do after graduation night. He was home by 12:00. So I knew in my heart that I had raised a very responsible child.

We also had our summer Families with Chinese Children picnic. I love to get together with her China sisters. They all play so well and the parents get to brag a little on each of the precious angels.

Father's day was also special. Randy had bought Miss Talicee a dress like his Hawaiian shirt when we were in Hawaii last November. So he picked Father's Day to wear it with her. Don't they look cute.

Ready for this day

Senior picture

Waiting on that diploma

Enjoying the picnic

Father's Day 2009


Since Randy's business was not doing very good, we decided that we could not afford to take a vacation this year. Surprisely, Randy's parents decided to take us to VA Beach for a few days. Randy and I went a couple of days before just for a break. Believe me nothing fancy in this trip and we watched our money closely.

Tyler turned 18 in July. Not only did he just graduation he turned into an adult. He wanted to nothing fancy for his birthday. So I cooked him his favorite meal and had cupcakes from Stone Cold Creamery. He is my one child that just loves to be home.

Row, Row, Row your boat

Enjoying the sand (not the water)

Trevor surfing

Enjoying the mini vacation

Waiting to sing Happy Birthday

Birthday Boy


Well, football practice is in full swing. Pool time is winding down and the dreaded day of all days is here. Tyler leaving for College. Since football practice has started, our summer is over. School will be starting soon. Where does the time go?

We do have another driver in our house. Taylor got his learners at the end of August. We had to work it around his football practice, so it did not happen until the end of the month. Doesn't bother me, because that is longer he has until he gets his license. He has a lot to learn before next June.

Swimming on my own (she is in the 8 foot)

What he does best

Mr. Cool

Move in day. (smiling only for the camera)

Talicee saying goodbye

Miss Talicee skating for the first time


Football season is here. Tyler is at school and Taylor and Trevor are in full swing with football. Miss Talicee is doing dance again. Not much to do but spend most of our time at a football field. They boys love it, so we go with the flow. Taylor also scared us to death during the month of September. I NEVER want to see my child on a back board with a neckbrace again. Thank God he was ok.

Taylor (Jersery no longer in use. Was cut off during football game)


Miss Talicee turned 4 this month. How can she be getting so big. She is so precious. I am totally amazed at how well she is doing. She can write her name, knows her letters and numbers to 20. Knows all of her colors. She can speak 3 languages. (not a lot in 2 of them, but does speak them) She loves school. She has met all of the kindergarten benchmarks. I knew girls matured faster than boys, but this is blowing my mind.

Football ended this month for both boys. Trevor's team went to the semi finals for the superbowl. Taylor's was on JV and Varsity. JV did well, Varsity did not. Maybe next year. I swear every time I see him run the ball, I see Tyler in him. Taylor is more of a hitter than a runner.

Halloween was a big deal this year. Miss Talicee changed her mind so many times. We did not know what she was going to be until the last minute. Trevor was a football player. Miss Talicee was a pumpkin. She had a different costume for every party she went too. She is a very popular little girl.

Miss Talicee took swimming lessons during October. Now she knows how to keep from going under. I think she actually learned to swim too.

4 Years old

On our way to another party


The year is almost over. Tyler is doing great in school. Taylor is struggling in Spanish 2. I can understand with the teacher he has. Enough said. Trevor had over come his learning disability. Talicee is so loving preschool. She goes 3 days a week. So ready for big school.

She had a Thanksgiving Feast. They made stone soup. It actually had a stone in it. These are your pretties that she has made in class.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with Randy's parents and then with my parents. After dinner with Randy's parents, Miss Talicee went into the boys room and got out a game. I went to check on her and asked her was she was doing. Her response. I am playing the naked game. Oh, what is in store for us?

The naked game


Well, what can I say. December was not what we expected. Remember when I said that we hardly get weather in Va. WRONG December the 18th we got 20 inches of snow. Up until then, we had some kind of weather every weekend. We only went to church 2 Sunday's out of the month. All parties and activities were called off. Not much of a holiday season for the many activities that we had planned. Our snow is still here. Which is another odd thing.

Strange that I have a picture like this in January and December.

During Miss Talicee Preschool Choir preformance (which was suppose to be in December, but was in January)

I was so hoping that 2010 would be a better year for our business. So far it has not been. Please pray for a better year. If any of my local readers are looking for landscaping, lighting or irrigation, please keep us in mind.

If you missed any of our updated, just click on older dates and you can go to the updates.

Hope you enjoyed our little update on our family. We are truly a boring family. Thanks for following us.


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