Sunday, January 31, 2010


Randy, Trevor, Talicee and myself went sledding tonight after he got home from work. Taylor had shoveled sidewalks all day and he was in to stay for the night. We had a great time. I even sledded again. Randy rode the 4wheeler and picked Trevor and Miss Talicee up and took them back to the top of the hill.

Now all kids are in bed. Miss Talicee is singing her self to sleep. She does this every night. Taylor went to bed before Trevor. No school tomorrow for the kids, so they will play again. We can get in and out with a 4 wheel drive. Van will stay in the garage the rest of the week. Guess what, we are suppose to get more snow on Friday.

Happy to be out again

Having fun

Eating snow

Ready to go daddy

My little snow boarder

Here I go again

See I made it

Hang on Trevie

I like to be in front

Riding with my Daddy

She loves eating snow


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