Sunday, January 31, 2010


We finally got out today. Yesterday was just tooooooo cold to play in the snow. It actually snowed for 24 hours. When Randy came in about 11:00 last night he said that it was still snowing. We have about 12 inches. It is up to Miss Talicee's knees. She has a hard time walking in the snow. Last snow we had to carry her to different places to play.

Trevor, Talicee and I played outside this morning. They love the snow. Trevor loves to snowboard. Miss Talicee was not sure about sledding. So we decided to move the sled a little down the hill. It actually is very steep at the top. She took to this and was off. She first started with Trevor and then wanted to do it by herself. I am so glad she is over coming fears that she has. A little coaching helps every time. I even when down a few times. The only thing is that I have to walk up the road. Since it is steep, my ankle can not take the bending and the deep snow. I had a blast going down. We are headed back out after nap time. Enjoy the pictures.


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