Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We have not been able to do anything for 2 weekends and this weekend we made up for it. The kids went back to school on Friday (praise the Lord). Miss Talicee had her preschool Valentine's party. She is so much into school. She loves it. Mason is still very much in love with Talicee.

After dinner, we headed out to a birthday party Miss Talicee was invited to. It was a pool party. Very exciting for the kids since we still have snow on the ground. Did I mention that I am done with snow.

On Saturday, Trevor had his first basketball game in 2 weeks. The grandparents came down to see him play and to celebrate Taylor's birthday. Tyler decided to surprise us and come in for the day. Taylor decided that he wanted to go to Olive Garden for dinner. We have only one in our area. So we headed out with all the other 12 million people. You would have thought that it was the last weekend before Christmas. Traffic was bumper to bumper. Needless to say there was no parking. This is why I do not go to the mall. We did have a nice lunch/dinner. He enjoyed it because he got presents.

Sunday was Chinese New Year. We had a local activity for the holiday, but due to having to be back at church so early, we did not go. We will celebrate this weekend with our group. Of course it was Valentine's Day. I fixed a very nice lunch for everyone and we just relaxed. I did have to think twice about the day. I was a little confused because for 2 weeks we have done nothing and I was wondering if I was dreaming or not.

It is so nice to be back on a schedule. My kids are like limp rag dolls when they are out of school.


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Casey said...

Cute!! Looks like a fun Valentine!!