Saturday, February 20, 2010


Finally we got to celebrate Chinese New Year with our local yahoo group. It is always so nice to see all of the beautiful children that have been adopted from China. In our group today we had a little girl that just came to America last Friday. We also had a couple who just got to see their little girl's picture for the first time a couple of weeks ago. They all are so happy. The kids had a ball playing around with each other. Trying to get a group picture is another story. You have to take it when you can. Since I was far back, I could not get a good shot. But at least I got a few.

Enjoy the pictures.



Susan Appleton said...

You always take the BEST pictures Kim! I loved seeing all the children's pictures! That was such a fun and SURPRISING day for us as we had NO idea that you guys had planned a surprise for us! Can you send me a copy of that picture of Doug and I so I can put it on the babyjellybeans website for that day's events? I didn't even realize you took that picture of us!!!! hahahahahahaha
Love ya girl!

laurel said...

Happy late CNY and an early St. Patricks Day! Love the festive blog look.