Tuesday, February 09, 2010


You guessed it. It is snowing again at our house today. The kids are once again out of school. Miss Talicee has not gone to school in a week and one day. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz enough already. I like snow but enough is enough. I need to see some green in the grass and the little spring flowers peaking their heads out of the ground. Last year, this was happening NOW. I can't even remember a winter like this one. I guess we were due it.

We just have a pig path going in and out of our road to the main road. The snow is not melting because it is too cold. No melting this week either. I feel like I live in the states that get snow all of the time and keep moving.

Well, better enjoy it, cause summer could be a hot one. It sure is pretty just to sit and watch. Wonder how much we will get this time.


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Anonymous said...

I feel for you having the kids home. I think we are in for another snow day here. Which I can't remember ever having so much snow here in Texas! But I have learned not to complain as the summers can be so HOT!