Saturday, February 06, 2010


Last night after we came in from playing in the snow, Miss Talicee and I had a spa night. We painted nails, did fasicals, rolled our hair and we took a long bubble bath. Daddy gave each one of us a nice relaxing massage. It was so nice. I think both of us slept very well.

Today, the boys went out to clear some parking lots, so Miss Talicee and I napped and baked some Valentine's cookies. She is really getting into cooking. To be 4 years old, she is really good at it.

I have caught up on all of my magazine, After Prom items, bills, computer items, business items. So I guess the winter snow has help me get caught up. I have even cleaned closets and drawers.
Just saw the weather for this week. Again on Tuesday, wintery mix. At least the weekend is in the 40's. Not that I have anything planned. Plans were for the last 2 weekends.

Wondering if the kids will go to school on Monday. It is suppose to get really cold tomorrow night, so who knows what they will do. At least they have their work to work on.

I am really thinking about spring right now.


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Nate said...

Yes..can't wait for Spring here as well...Hope it comes soon. Girls and boys are so different. Can't wait to see for ourselves. Talicee's Spa sounded wonderful:)