Tuesday, March 16, 2010


On Wednesday Miss Talicee's preschool class went to the pizza place to make their own pizzas. It was so much fun. They stretched their own dough, put the cheese and pepperoni on. Then they listened to to the chef on how long it would take them to cook. 10 minutes to 4 year olds is a lifetime. They did fine with the time waiting. They really enjoyed their pizzas. Since the visit I have had a craving for the pizzas they made. If our budget allows, we may have pizza this weekend before Tyler leaves for school again.

Saturday night was the finale for basketball. Mom and dad came down during the afternoon and cooked hot wings for us. They we wonderful. We did have some leftover. Randy and I had planned to have them on Sunday night after Awana's. Well guess what, Tyler did not go to church and scarfed them up. Glad he got to enjoy them. Anyway, after dinner we headed to church for the finale. It was so much fun. I love seeing the kids enjoy a sport without so much competition. With Upwards basketball, the competition is not there. Trevor enjoyed it so much. I do say that he is a pretty good little player. Miss Talicee will get to be a cheerleader next year.

Sunday was crazy hair day in Awana's. I braided Talicee's hair in 6 braids and then put 3 bows on each braid. It looked so cute. We came home with all of the bows which is a miracle in itself.

This week is pretty laid back. Tyler is home so food is not staying in the house like it should. LOL Tomorrow is St. Patty's Day. I am doing dinner around the green theme. Friday Randy is spending the day with me. He is going to take me shopping. Have not been shopping in ages. Probably will not buy anything, but it is nice to look and get out. While we are out, we are picking up our beef. Can you say Tbone steaks this weekend on the grill outside in the warm sunshine. The weather is suppose to be great for the first day of Spring. Can you see the smile on my face.

Enjoy the pics.


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Bobby and Regina said...

Where did they do the pizzas?? That's a great idea!