Monday, March 15, 2010


I am so far behind on blogging. Hopefully, there are still readers out there. We have been really busy. When I think that things are going to slow down a little, something comes up.

A couple of weeks ago Miss Talicee was invited to one of her friends birthday parties. We all had a great time. The theme was princesses, so this was right down Miss Talicee's isle.

We did have a quick snow at the beginning of the month. So far it has been looking like Spring. This is my favorite time of the year. I love to have the windows open and enjoy the sun. I did notice today that I have little flowers popping their heads outs. Hopefully, they will be blooming by Easter.

The boys are doing great. Just finished up the 4th six weeks. Grades are looking good. We have registered Taylor for his Junior year, ordered his class ring and awaiting his first track meet. Trevor just finished up basketball and will start baseball on Monday. Yes, sports never stops. Tyler is home on Spring break for the week. He has a full week. He has been working to earn a little more spending money. He sees how college students live now. Can't just go out and get and do what you want. He will head back on Sunday. He will come home for Easter and then will not be back until the middle of May. Where has this time gone?

Randy has actually gone back to work. Thank God. It has been a very hard winter. We are still not out of the woods, but the light is getting brighter.

We are so proud of Taylor. Last year he started weight lifting with the football team in the off season. He made the elite club every session. So once again off season weight lifting has started again. He made the elite team again and was #2 in the running phase for wide receivers.

I do want to say that we are very proud of our children. No they will not be pros anywhere, but they have given their 100%. I am not one of those parents that pretends that my kids are the greatest and will play or go to the best schools. Sometimes I wonder why parents put so much pressure on their children to fulfill their parents dreams. Just accept that your children have achieved what they wanted to and move on with it. I have come to realize this with a learning disabled child. We realized that something was wrong and took charge and solved the problem. No, he will not be an A student, but he gives his all. I do not pretend that he will be the next President and make a big deal out of it. I am proud of them just for what they have done. I am seeing more and more parents put so much pressure on their children to become these athletes and scholars and the children can not measure up to the standards that the parents have set for them. It is only hurting the children and pushes their peers away from them. I try really hard to accept what my children have done or is doing and play in their field. It is their lives that I am building not mine. Ok, off of my soap box now. Just had to speak my mind because I am seeing some things that really are not true and the parents are trying to make it true for the children's sake.

Hug your children tonight and let them know that you are proud of them no matter what they become in life.


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