Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well for once it has been pretty boring at our house. The kids have been going to school and working on finishing up some projects that are due this Friday before break. On Friday, I took some time for my self and did some scrapbooking for a good cause. Got home about 12:00, slept and then started to head back on Saturday. When you have 3 kids at home something always comes up. Had to take Trevor to a friends house, Taylor had a track meet and I went to a craft show and took Talicee with me. Had to go to Wally World to have more pictures printed because I have them all on the computer. I finally got to the crop at 12:00 and cropped until 5:00. I got 11 pages done. Still have tons more, but it feels good to be doing something. I was working on Talicee's book. My how she has grown since the first time we saw her.

Taylor has a Spanish project due on Friday. It has to be video tape like the Food Network shows. He and his classmate had a great time doing that last night. What they prepared was really hot. For Taylor to say this, it has to be hot. The video is great and he added the bloopers to it. So funny.

This week is kinda crazy. Since it is the week before Easter, we have parties, egg coloring, egg hunts and of course Easter to look forward to. I think I might even work in a pedi this week since I had a great week with Longaberger.

Should have pictures this week. I am not real happy with the quality of my pictures lately. I may have to send my camera back and see what is going on. I have new software, so it may be just a simple adjustment. We will see. Stay tuned to all of the excitement we generate. (not).


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