Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today we were going over her letters and numbers. We do this every Tuesday and Thursdays just for practice. I can now say she recognizes all of the letters. She can do her numbers to 20. Write them to 5. She writes her name, my name, cat, dog and tries other words if I spell them for her. She can speak 3 languages. English Spanish and a little Chinese. She can say her numbers to 10 in Spanish. She can add and subtract using her fingers. She knows all of her basic colors and shapes and can draw the shapes better than I can. She even colored in the lines at church on Sunday. I know most 4 year olds can do these and more things.

But today it just was blown away. We were eating lunch and she had a cracker and she said that this cracker is in the shape of a hexagon. Do what? Where did you learn that word? She stated that her brain told her what it was. She also said that a pakaderm is an elephant. Where are you getting these words. She always says her brain. Now I know this is not normal because I have had 3 kids and I am not sure they know what a hexagon or a pakaderm is either. Just kidding. But I know that at 4 years old they did not know what they were.

I know that momma's are proud, but common on this is not normal. I wait each day to see what other things her brain brings to her. She loves to write, read and sing. I love watching as she grows up. I am just amazed at what kids can do now.


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