Sunday, April 04, 2010


Miss Talicee and I went to an Easter Egg hunt at our church on Saturday. This is always a great time. We watched presentations from the Youth Pastor and the Student Ministry teams. Then we headed out to hunt eggs. She had a ball finding the eggs. She had a basket full of them. Once we collect all of them we come back and dump them and get a bag of candy in exchange. This just lite up her world. She is very much a junk food junkie.

After the hunt, we headed out to have our pedicures done. Miss Talicee was too little to put her feet in the water bath and get a true pedi, so she just got her toes painted. She thought this was a hoot. She laughed and giggled while he did it. He carried her over to the drying table. I was still getting mine done and she says "mom I have messed them up". So back over to get a redo. It was so much fun doing this. I just love having a little girl to do this with.


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