Sunday, April 04, 2010


He is risen, indeed he has.

Started our morning like every Sunday morning. Church service was not until 10:30, but we needed to get somethings done, so we were up at regular time.

Miss Talicee was up first. I rolled her hair last night before bed so it would have some body to it in the morning. She was thrilled with her Easter basket. Trevor was next up. They started making the empty tombs. These are cresent rolls with marshmellows in them. roll up and put cinnamon, sugar and butter on them and bake. Once backed, the marshmellow is gone. This is the sign that Christ has risen and he is not in the tomb any more. I made a casserole for breakfast in the crockpot. So breakfast was simple. Taylor and Tyler got up and had breakfast. On Sunday mornings, this is the one thing that we do as a family is have breakfast.

We all got dressed for church. Miss Talicee looked so cute. I love having a girl. We took pictures and then headed off to church. What a blessing it was. Miss Talicee stayed in service with us and was very good.

After church we came home and had lunch. Once again we were a family at the table. Did I mention that Tyler is home for Easter. He is heading back tomorrow. Lunch was great. The boys cleaned up while Talicee and I had a long and much needed nap. It was a very relaxing day today. The kids are on Spring break this week. They are headed to their grandparents for a while. Tyler will go back to school and I will be alone for a while. Much needed alone time. Nothing planned. Who knows what I will get into.

Enjoy the pictures.


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