Sunday, May 16, 2010


Last Friday Miss Talicee invited me to a Mother's Day Luncheon at preschool. I was late and did not get there until after 11:00. I missed her singing the songs that she has song all week to me. At least I have heard them with no one else singing. We had a great lunch. I was full when we got done. I had taken the day off to be with her. She is not doing very well with the twins being here. She is very jealous. This week has been a challenge for us. But we will get through it. I am so glad that I have a daughter to celebrate the girly things with.

My precious angel

Pictures of mommies with necklaces ( I am in the far rleft with yellow hair)

Enjoying my food

Happy mommy is there

Reagan and me. We are the same age but not the same size. LOL


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