Saturday, June 12, 2010


School was out for the summer on Wednesday. The kids are so glad to be moving on. Thursday, I took Trevor, Miss Talicee and the twins to the pool. The girls had a ball playing in the water. Nap time in the afternoon was great. They slept for 3 hours.

Friday, I decided on the pictures Talicee will use for the modeling with the photographer. I had a really hard time deciding on which ones. I should get them in a few weeks. She looks so grown up in the pictures.

Today was another busy day. I took Tyler car shopping. Taylor is on the last leg of his driver's training. He has behind the wheel this week and then he will get his license and can drive by himself. I am not sure I am ready for this. Anyway, it is a peaking order in our household. Tyler got the first car and Taylor will get this one. So we had to find Tyler another one. We tried out a BMW. He really liked it, but something told me that it was not a good one. Then we drove a 03 Nissan Maxium. It was in great shape. 1 owner. He decided on this one. The price was right in our ball park. So now Tyler is the new owner of a new used car. We came home and got ready to head to our great friend's Graduation Party. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy our friends. The sad thing is that we had another picnic to go to, so we visited and left for the other one.

Arrived at our other picnic. Glad they had already eaten. Helps my diet. Anyway, we had a great time relaxing with our Families with Chinese Children. The kids always have a great time together. We have so many in our area now. I love seeing the grow up. It has been a very busy week and weekend. Tomorrow we plan on going to the pool and just relaxing. Then start all over again. Enjoy the pics.


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