Tuesday, June 08, 2010


School is over with and we have had something to do everyday since the last week of May. I put all of the pictures together in this slide show.

We started out with a weight lifting party at the lake for Taylor. Miss Talicee had fun playing in the sand. Memorial Day Trevor had his 4th grade picnic at school. Yes we had to go to school. Then on Tuesday Miss Talicee had dance rehearsal. It went really well. She really likes dance. Wednesday Taylor received his class ring. He has waited a long time to get this. Then he had to send it back because it was a little small. Ordered it in the fall when he was playing football and not fat on his body. This spring he has a little fat, so it was tight.

On Friday, Miss Talicee went for her modeling session for a brochure. I go this Friday to proof the pictures. I did not take any pictures inside while she modeled. I did get a few outside. I can't wait to see them. Saturday we had our Dance Recital. It turned out great. All of the girls did a great job. Trevor had a baseball game and banquet at the same time. So it was just me, mom and Miss Talicee. Came home and then headed out to a cook out for an Awana leader who is moving away. Boy this was a busy day.

Sunday was the Grand Finale for Awana's. It rained a little but the kids had a ball. Miss Talicee is such a social butterfly that she just wonders around and makes her rounds to all the people. I am so glad she is this way.

Monday was REST day. You think I needed it. Today was the Year End Awards for our school. Trevor got 4 awards. One of them was the Anthony Kirby award. This award is awarded to students who display caring, concern, determination. Trevor has gotten it every year but last year. Hopefully, next year he will get his name on the plaque. Taylor also got an award for academics. When you are in High School, you don't go to the awards ceremony. Only for the Senior year.

This has been a very busy month and weeks. My kids are not going the last day of school. So tomorrow will be a rest day or a pool day. We will see. Hope you enjoy the slide show.


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