Saturday, July 31, 2010


We have been so busy with July that I have not even had time to blog. We are still dealing with the accident. Since Randy still can not drive, things are out of whack. We have been so busy during the month of July.

Randy was out of town most of the month. Since Tyler and Taylor both were in Florida, I decided to take the little kids on a mini vacation. We headed to Pigeon Forge for a few days. It was very relaxing. When Tyler got back from Florida, we celebrated his birthday. I can not believe that he is 19.

Trevor went to the beach with some friends so we headed to Randy's parents for the weekend. It was relaxing and I really needed that. I had the pool to myself on Saturday. This week it has been very quiet at our house. Randy is out of town and Trevor is at the beach. Next week, Miss Talicee is headed to grandparents for a week. Trevor and Taylor will both start football and Tyler is getting ready to head back to college. At the end of August all 4 kids will be in school. It will be just me and the babies. What will we do with our time?

Enjoy the pictures. I have had a hard time with slide and my computer. They are not working together. Hopefully, I have fixed the problems.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, wow..that sounds like a pretty bad accident..but I also believe in God's protection. What an experience and a summer. Can't believe Miss Talicee..she is really growing and still pretty!