Sunday, August 15, 2010


For a couple of months now, I have had a few outfits that my cyber friend has made for Talicee that I have not sent her pictures of. You know the accident has taken over our lives. Anyway, since for once we had a Saturday with NOTHING to do. So I took pictures of Miss Talicee. Randy cleaned out his closet. I do have to say, I am embarassed of all of the clothes that he had and is giving to TUGA. He is like most men. He wears the same thing, so why have this many clothes. I felt like the hoarding people they have on TV.

After doing all of this, Randy and I went out on a date. We have been doing this since God gave him another chance in life. It was very relaxing. After a week home by myself with my kids and then the twins, I really need to get out.

This will be our last Saturday. Football has started, so we are busy every Friday and Saturday. Last year it was every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am thankful it is only 2 days this year. Miss Talicee will start school one week from Monday. We have orientation and open house this week. She gets to meet her teacher, take her supplies and pick up her shirts for her uniform. I know they will be too big, so I will have to have them taken up for her. She will not wear a 5/6 until she is in high school. LOL Speaking of that, while we were modeling on Saturday, I had some clothes that I just knew she could not wear and I was going to give them away. I just tried them on and guess what, she could wear them. They are 24 months. So a xs is going to be way too big.

Taylor and Trevor will start school next Wednesday. Then we have a ballgame on Friday. I went to pick Taylor's schedule up. Boy it sure does cost a lot for a high school kid. He is taking college classes, so we have to pay for each credit. Lets just say, he better pass these classes with flying colors. Trevor will learn who is teacher is this week. This is his last year in Elementary school. Wow, he has grown up right in front of me.

I am still a single parent during the week. Something I did not sign up for. Randy is better. No spells since the accident. He has a Dr.'s appointment this week and then an appointment with the heart Dr. in September. Pray they will allow him to drive again. This is driving me crazy. I was thinking the other day about our wedding vows. For better or worse, this has been worse. I have to thank God for allowing this to happen because major changes have happened in our life.

Enjoy the pics.

Dress sparklers like she does

Learned this from Tyler's girfriend

Is this the way to do it?

Love this Oriental outfit

Too serious

She does have beautiful eyes

Playing in mommy and daddy's clothes

According to her, these are my witch shoes

Our new turtles that Taylor got in Florida

While doing laundry, Kendall tried on my undergarments



Cheri said...

I love the pictures. And I'm so glad you and your husband are doing well.

Becky said...

I love, love, love it! She is great, and so beautiful! Thanks for that pick me up. Lilly has really been pushing away from things I have made so it makes me happy to see that Talicee is so happy with the things that I have made. I would give anything to hang out with you some time! We have so much in common. But, for now I will have to be happy with my cyber friend and Lilly with hers.