Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have paid for all of Taylor's school fees. I go to day to pay for Trevor's school fees. Miss Talicee and I go for orientation tonight for your new school and then tomorrow for open house. We will meet her teacher, which we already know her name, and take her many supplies that she needed for school. I think I have spent more money on school things than I did at Christmas time. Tyler is packed and ready to head back to college. He leaves on Friday. He has grown up so much. He does not want us to help him move in. His words "I have plans on Friday night." What else can I do, but hug and kiss him good bye. At least this year is a lot better on me. I cried for days when he left. Now I am counting the hours. Just kidding. My kids are so ready for school. Did you not hear me scream and just throw up my hands yesterday? I decided that yesterday was the last straw. Everyone had to go to their own rooms for a time out. I even took one.

I should have pictures of Miss Talicee and the boys next week. Talicee starts school on Monday and the boys start on Wednesday. Yes, I have 4 kids in 4 different schools. None of them will every be in the same schools again. Kinda sad.

One good thing next week, besides the kids going back to school, can you feel the smile on my face, is that I am on vacation from you job. The twins are gone for a week. I have many plans for myself. Things I can't get done with them around. I don't know what I will do with myself.



Nate said...

Can't believe Miss Talicee is going to school! Hope it goes well:) I know the feeling when you have so many things to do and can't get them done because of the kids...and then when they aren't around it gets lonely..even for a few hours!

laurel said...

I love summer for this very reason. I feel like everyone is going a hundred different directions. And the money thing is depressing.

Hope all goes well. Good luck!

Sonia said...

Happy 1st day of kingergarten to Talicee!! I cannot how big our girls are getting.