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Lets just say I am so glad 2010 is over.

January came with a big snow. Not that we just had one in December, but got just as much in January. The kids loved it. All 4 were home so they could enjoy it. We also became TV stars in January. Our local TV station came and interviewed us on our adoption. So many people saw us on tv.

Randy and I celebrated 20 years together. Where has the time gone? We did not do to much in the month of January due to the snow. We played a lot in the house and in the snow. I think Miss Talicee finally learned how to sled by herself.

I try to update at least once a month. These are just some of the pictures that I pulled just to do a year in a review. You can always go to older post and find what we did that month.

Tali being Tali

20 years together

The TV star

Our house in the beautiful snow


February turned out to be a very long month. We had quiet a bit of snow. The kids were out of school a lot. Taylor celebrated his 16th birthday. He chose to stay home for a home cooked meal and an ice cream cake. This is one of his favorites. He got a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. To this day, he still has them and they are still in tact.

No much to do when you have snow and live where we live. It is days before we get out. so Miss Talicee and I had a spa day. We rolled our hair, painted our nails and had facials. We also baked cookies.

Of course, in February we celebrated Valentine's Day. We had a quiet little dinner at home. Chinese New Year also fell in February. Miss Talicee and I went to our annual Families with Chinese Children luncheon. We always have a great time.

Finally going down by herself

Happy 16th Taylor

Spa day (I have a picture of me in curler, but I would never put it on here)

The reason to celebrate Chinese New Year


We never know what the weather will be in March. We got a light snow at the beginning and end of the month of March. Didn't have much going in March. Basketball has ended and baseball had not started yet. So it was a little break from sports. Miss Talicee has a few birthday parties she went to during the month. But not much was happening for us. Thank goodness we get a break for a while.

First snow of the month

Perfect dress for a birthday party

Second snow of the month


April brought about Easter early in the month. So when picking out outfits, it is hard to pick when you don't really know what the weather is going to be. It could be snowing on Easter in VA.

Taylor chose to run track this spring. Well, let me rephrase that. We made his run track. We needed to keep in occupied before he got his license. He actually did a great job. I have now sat through football, baseball and track with it snowing.

Our weather was great for spring break. The younger kids got to wear summer clothes. They enjoyed playing outside. Trevor celebrated his 11th birthday at the end of the month. I can't believe that he is growing so fast.

This month I started watching twins. They are a joy to watch.

Taylor ready for track (he hated the shorts)

He really does love her

Actually had flowers blooming to pick

Birthday boy


May is the month for the closing of the school year. Sol's have finished, preschool graduation and final plans for the end of the big boys school years. During May, since preschool ends before Father's Day, preschool had a Daddy day. Miss Talicee really enjoyed this day. She then had a Mother/Daughter Tea for Mother's Day. It was very formal and we had a great time.

Tyler got a new car and handed the first car down to Taylor who did not get to drive by himself until after school was out in June. Now I am second guessing this decision of letting Taylor drive. Finally Miss Talicee graduated from preschool. I can not believe that she is getting so old. Kindergarten is just around the corner. So much happens each month, I have a hard time keeping up with all of the activities.

Daddy Day

Mother's Day Tea

Tyler's new car

Preschool graduation


June brought around the end of the school year. The boys where really excited about that. Taylor does a weight lifting program all year and he got a lot a awards for all of his hard work. The twins turned 1 on June 25th. And the worst day of my life was June 24th. I got a call about 5:30 saying that Randy had been in a truck accident. Praising God everyday that he survived. God was protecting him that day.

The twins birthday party

Awards Banquet

I hope I never see this again

Truck was totaled (he crawled through the windshield)


July turned out to be a very hot month. I had to turn my air on. Many of you know that it has to be really hot for me to do that. Summer is in full swing. Tyler is on vacation. Taylor is headed to Florida with the youth from church. Trevor, Talicee and I headed out on a very short vacation. Randy was in full swing on a job out of town. Seems like even the summers are as jammed packed as the other months of the year. July is the month of my first born's birthday. Hard to believe that he will be leaving the teens and headed to the 20's this year. I am old.

Headed to a wedding

Headed to Florida
On vacation

Tyler's 19th birthday

No body touch me (in grandparents pool)


August is the month at football practice begins and school is not far behind it. The boys started practice on the 1st. So it was just Talicee and the twins and I at the pool. The twins were still not walking so it was a little tricky with them. Now they are all over the place. The pool should be fun next summer.

Miss Talicee started kindergarten. She loves it. She is learning to write in cursive, Spanish and sign language. My boys did not learn much of this until late in school. She must wear a uniform everyday, but we make up with tights, socks and of course bows. The boys started 3 days after Talicee. Not much excitement from them. They are just concentrating on football.



Ready to meet my teacher

Please take my hand

First day in class


September seems to be a whirlwind too. With football, dance and school our time goes fast. Once football season starts that is our life for 3 months. Our weather has been so warm. I know come December January we are in for it.

All smiles

Taylor my big boy football player

Little Trevor the big football player (43)

Basket babies


October was a very busy month for us. We are still in the middle of football. We had field trips and parties to attend. Miss Talicee turned 5 years old. We gave her a fancy tea party. The girls had a great time. We visited the pumpkin patch and did some trick or treating. Taylor had his Paris Hilton smores day.

Cute little pumpkin

5th birthday tea party

Paris Hilton smores

Ready to trick or treat


During the month of November, the kids were busy. We finally had finished football and were on a resting period. Hunting season kicked in and things went wild again. for 3 weekends, the boys hunted. Randy, Taylor and Trevor all killed deer. Tyler has school or work and could not hunt this year. Didn't think it mattered to much to him. We had our annual Thanksgiving dinner with Randy's parents and his aunt and uncle. then headed off to my parents for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping.

Such a happy girl

My handsome Tyler

Taylor's awards for football

One of Trevor's deer


December came up on us really fast. It seemed we just finished Thanksgiving and Christmas was here. We had a month of snow in December. The kids had a short month of school. Talicee and the twins were all sick. Carley ended up in the hospital. Kendal and Talicee are fine now. We traveled quiet a bit in December. I had a vacation week the last week of December. The kids got to swim in the month of December. They were treated to an indoor water park by their grandparents. What better way to come in from the snow and go to a water park and feel like it is summer again.

The twins and Talicee talking to Santa.

She gets prettier and prettier everyday

Great bunch of kids


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