Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Once again we had snow last week. As big as the snowflakes are you would have thought that we we have a ton of snow. It all melted away. We did not even get to play in it this time. The kids did miss 2 days from it though. Once it would melt, the temps at night would freeze it up again. It sure was pretty watching the big snowflakes coming down.

Lazy dog, lazy dog. Roxy is becoming a very spoiled dog. She will pull the pillow over to her and lay her head on it. She will growl when someone tries to wake her up. Reminds me of my kids. Last night she came into my room on her own and laid down on her bed and went to sleep. Now if we could get her house trained life would be good.

Miss Talicee fell asleep while we were going to the birthday party. She had already had a big day. She had upward pictures taken, a ballgame and then time with grandparents. So on the way, she fell asleep in her car seat. She really needed a nap.

Her dolly was even invited to the party. The party was a Tea Party. She loves going to birthday parties.

Birthday devotion. Never had a devotion at a birthday party. Miss Talicee talked about it all of the way home. She kept telling me about the treasures in her heart.

Birthday girl Miss Isabella

We had a great time at the tea party. Our weeks still continue to be really busy. I will be so glad when Randy is back home to stay. I am tired of being a single parent.


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