Friday, January 21, 2011


The kids have been home for a few days due to some Federal Holidays. So Talicee and the girls played hair for 2 days. These are her creations in each of the girls hair. Now note, the girls barely have enough hair to call hair.

Thursday night, Trevor graduated from the DARE program at school. This is a program that teaches the kids about drugs and alcohol. Each student had to write a paper on what they learned. Trevor's was very good. It is so great to hear that from this class, a student convenience their parent to quit smoking. I am so proud of Trevor. He is doing great in school and over come his learning disability and is learning to live with his visual dyslexia.

Carley's hair done by Miss Talicee

Talicee creation on Kenall's hair

Deputy Garrett

Trevor getting his DARE certificate


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