Tuesday, March 08, 2011


On Sunday Trevor had his Awana's Grand Prix. He was so excited. Since Randy has been out of town and Trevor's grandparents live out of town, Trevor asked Freddie King to help him with his car. They worked for weeks on it. I think they just enjoyed being around each other. After each Saturday the worked, they rewarded themselves with a dinner out. Trevor was very proud of his car. He told Freddie what he wanted on it, and they did it. Trevor designed the car and did all of the work. It is amazing to see the cars. You can tell the ones that parents do and the ones that kids do. This happens with projects too. I think if it is a kid thing, then parents should let the kids do it. But what do I know. I am just a parent.

Trevor ran in several heats. His car was just not as fast as some of them. But that is ok, because he had fun at doing it. We have tried to raise our kids to have fun at things and not take everything to heart. It breaks my heart to see a kid get mad because they do not win all of the time. Believe me, we hardly are on a winning team. But afterwards, you will always find my kids encouraged to try harder. No sad faces.

Trevor is a winner in my heart and also in God's. That is all that matters.

Hardly could wait to compete. It took everything I could do to get this shot. Not a very good one.
Lining it up just right. Can't remember what heat this one was.

Waiting to see who wins this heat.

Trevor's car is on the far left. I think he won this heat.


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