Thursday, March 17, 2011


My very first trophy

Always my happy boy

I love my sister. I love my brother

Seth Franco Harleem Globetrotters

Celebrating with his team

Mom forgot her pom poms

On Saturday we had the Upwards Grand Finale. The kids really enjoyed it. Seth Franco with the Harleem Globetrotters was the entertainment. He was really good.

Not much is going on here. Trevor has had SOL's last week. Not much homework with these test. Talicee has just been her drama queen self. Taylor is just Taylor. I do have good news. After opening up my heart in a few posts back, things began to turn around. Randy is receiving his unemployment checks. Not much, but will buy groceries. He is still looking for a full time job. His business is still running. He will finish a huge project this week or the beginning of the next week. He has been on this job for 10 months. Now I know why our state does not have money, they do not know how to manage a project. He will still be out of town, but not for this job. He has 2 more residential jobs in the area and then he can come home for good.

We filed our income taxes. Was a little unsure about the adoption refund for this year. Lets just say, we can't wait until we get our taxes back. A big praise to God for sending it our way. Since we own our own businesses, our taxes have to be done by March 15th. We mailed them on March 10th. What a great relief.

Spring is beginning to pop around here. I see more and more trees and flowers budding. Just checked my flowers and it will be about another week of warm weather. It is a little colder where I live than in town. The twins are growing like a weed. They are just so happy to be here every day. They never cry unless they are sick. I am looking forward to the warm weather so that they can go outside and play. I want to plant spring flowers so bad, but you know the weather in VA, it could change within hours. So I guess I will wait until April.

I have started Zumba classes and I love it. We are burning so many calories every time we do it. I guess when they take a break in April, I can work on my yard.

Happy St. Patty's Day to everyone. I made shamrock pancakes for the kids this morning. I made shamrock peanut butter cookies for the kids and cooking a beef noodle dish for dinner with green tea. Should be a lucky Thursday for us. Yall have a great day.



Nate said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day Kim. I have been trying Zumba as well. What a workout! I am impressed.

laurel said...

Shamrock peanut butter cookies! You rock. Looks like everyone is have a great time! I do Zumba two times a week. I love it so much!