Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Next Saturday will be the last game of upwards. This is Trevor's last year. He is too old to play Upwards. Talicee will continue to do cheerleading. She loves it. She came home last night and said that in order to be a cheerleader, you must be able to do a split. Guess what mommy, I am a cheerleader, I can do it. I think she could do anything she wants. I can't believe how time is flying. School is getting closer and closer to ending. Taylor is modeling for a photographer this week and then he will have his senior pictures made. He has already registered for his senior classes. What a Senior. Talicee has already been told that she will be going to the 1st grade. She is doing amazing. She can write in cursive, read, speak Spanish, do sign language and math. Trevor will be registering for 6th grade very soon. Tyler is registering for his Junior year in college in the next few weeks. I just want them to all be at home again so that I can just take care of them.


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