Monday, April 04, 2011


Due to live in general, I have not had time to blog. Life is just getting in the way of my plans. Things are beginning to calm down around here. A few post back, I opened my heart up on the blog. Yes, things around here have been very bleek. You really learn how to adjust your life when you do not have a job.

Well, Friday was the turning around point. I had the day off. I spent the day shopping (window shopping). Since Randy had been gone for so long and is now home, I thought it was his turn to take care of the kids. You would have thought I asked him to build a house. All of the questions. Hey, you used to do this, so what is different now.

Anyway, I get up very early because I was going to a sale that takes about 2 hours to get there. I thought I better check my e-mail just in case something had happened in the middle of the night. You know while a girl shops, she does not check her e-mails. While I was on the computer, I thought I better check facebook. I like to wish my friends on facebook a happy birthday. If you are familiar with facebook, you have to click on most recent to see the up to date stuff. Before I clicked, I saw "Tyler and Lindsay are engaged" What the heck. I had to read 3 times. I yelled to Randy, Do you know what your son has done? So after loosing it for about 5 minutes, it dawned on us It is April Fool's Day. Anyway, Tyler does not have money to spend on himself much less on a rock that they were showing on facebook. So got my breath and took off. I finally realized he as trying to get a rise out of me.

I spent the day in Lynchburg shopping. I had to meet Tyler before his last class to give him his rent check and some hamburger. This went really well since I knew it was an April Fool's joke. Good thing or I could be in jail right now. Dumb kids. Stopped by Lil Cucci's and brought home the most amazing pizza. When I got home, I asked Randy if his unemployment check had come through. I had written checks on this money. Not like it is a lot, but at least it is paying some of the bills. He said no. So I went into the bank account to see what was wrong. To my surprise, our tax return had arrived. I checked the status the other day because I had to send in adoption items with it and it stated that I would not get it until April 26th. I was so happy. Then I looked at the amount. It was not the amount that our return had said. IT WAS LESS. Why. Did the math and came up with the adoption part was not there. Went back to the status update. They are sending us a letter about the adoption part. I sent them everything that they needed. So I guess I will wait and see what happens. I am not looking to receive this amount. This is just how the IRS works. Trying to get unemployment has just about made us crazy. I guess it pays to be a bum and drink beer and smoke. These are the people that get government assistance without any trouble. Off my soap box now.

Saturday, I spent all day cleaning my house and putting my Easter decorations out. I finished up about 6:30 when I had finished mopping all of my floors on my hands and knees. What a job, but doesn't it feel good to have a clean house? Not sure about the weather on Saturday. One minute it was sunny, next it was raining, next it was sleeting and then very cold then warm. Oh well, Sunday was beautiful.

Hope to get some pictures up soon. Just too busy to take the camera out of the bag. Next week is prom for us. So should have some great pictures of Taylor and his date. Of course it means a long weekend for me because I work the after prom.

I knew that God would not let me down. Even though life has gotten in the way, faith in him has shown through. He is providing all of our needs. No we are not rich, but the needs are being met. Thanks for all of the prayers. Keep them coming. They are working.


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