Saturday, May 21, 2011


We went strawberry picking today. It was so much fun. Yes, we should have been at home working on everything we did not get done last summer, but we needed this. Trevor and Talicee had a ball. We got there before it started getting hot. After picking we visited the festival. Talicee rode the horses. She was not real sure about this. Then Trevor and her went to the petting zoo. The both got pecked by a baby turkey. When we can out, Randy had a funnel cake for me. Now if you know me, this is one of my favorite foods. I wait all year for the fair to come to town to go get one. You know they are better at the fairs.

We headed home with our bounty. Because our weekend is so jammed, I have not had time to work on them. May just freeze them and work with them later.

Now we are off to our first picnic of the Spring. We have another one tomorrow. All of our weekends are packed for the next 2 weeks. At least we will be together as a family again.

Enjoy the pictures.


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