Monday, June 20, 2011


As you know on May 26th my twin girls that I kept left to go to day care. Things changed around our household. It was quiet, not that I minded, and we got back to our regular routine. Then Randy got a part time job which takes him out of the home for about 4/5 hours a night Monday-Friday. I picked up another girl to watch during the summer. Not much pay because I am actually just the supervisor. Anyway, life was becoming a routine again.

I am sure most of you guys are aware of the the adoption refund. Well we applied for it, which I will never do again. I have gotten letter after letter from the IRS asking for more information. Well, after sending in 67 pages of proof and receipts that we actually did adopt Talicee in 2006, I get another letter stating that we are still in review and that we should know something by July 11th. How long does it take someone to read a printout, which by the way, was broken down in each catagory that pertained to the receipts. Oh, I forget this is the IRS. Anyway, I thought I should step in and get a tax advocate. Well, today she called me to get our file started. She asked questions about the whole return. She said that the IRS had entered the wrong SS# for Talicee and that was why it was taking so long. She said that she looked at two pages and figured it out. The IRS should have figured it out before her. Anyway, she fax the correct information over to them. She would get confirmation and let us know.

So after going to the pool today, we came home and I got the mail. In the mail was 2 huge white envelopes addressed to Randy and I from the IRS. I thought what do they want now. I began to read the letter. I can feel my blood pressure going up. As I read, I see that our adoption claim is denied. Reason, this is not the right SS# and you owe us $910 for the discepancy. What? Are you kidding me. This included penalities and interest. Do they think I am stupid. After loosing it for about 30 minutes, I called our accountant. Of course, they are out of the office. I then called the IRS advocate. Which by the way, was a super great person. I left her a message about what we had gotten because they only work until 4:00.

The phone rings about 5:30. It is unavailable. Do I answer it or not. I thought, I am not in a good mood, lets answer it and let the person who is not suppose to be calling my home, because I am on the do not call list, have it. To my surprise, it was my tax advocate. She said she had gotten my message. Looked at our file and there is nothing there about us owing any money and the SS# situation had been resolved. Her words were "Disregard the letter". What a blessing. Relax now.

So Talicee and I head out to walk and run. I did cart wheels and hand stands with her. You know I was feeling good that I had fought the IRS and won. Now tomorrow my body will let me know I can not do that. Anyway, we come back home and started the bedtime routine. The phone rings again. Caller ID tells me it is the parents of the twins. Their birthday party is this weekend, so I thought they were going to tell me they were sick and the party was off. Well, to my surprise they asked me if the girls could come back. They did not like day care. So on Monday, my girls will be back.

Sunday, I had ask prayer for our family because things were going to change in our family this week. Randy's unemployment runs out this week. He still is not taking a salary from his business. So I was praying for peace and what to do next. God lined all of this up. He knew they were coming back. He knew Randy would have a part time job and in July Randy will again be able to take a salary again. He has about 6 jobs to price up and a football field to do irrigation on. On Sunday, I could not see this. Today, I see his plan. Thank you God for taking care of us.


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Sue Lucas said...

AMEN Kim that is awesome ,A great testimony to what a GREAT GOD we serve !!