Thursday, July 28, 2011


Back in June, Trevor, Talicee and I went with the youth group to a water park. Talicee really liked it. She has been a little afraid of the water at the beginning, but now she is all over the place. She loved the big slides. The higher the better.

The girls are also enjoying the pool. The love to play in the 2 foot. By summer they may be ready for swim lessons. Since it has been so hot, we have not been going but about 2 days a week. That is enough for the girls.

This weekend we took a break from everything and headed to the in-laws. They have a pool. The kids love it. We swam late into the night because it was so warm. This is actually the first time we have been anywhere all summer. Our summer is ending on Sunday. Football starts for the boys and it is everyday. Taylor has his first scrimmage Aug. 12th. Time is just going way to fast.

Enjoy the slide show. I think I am finally caught up on blogging for a while.


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