Tuesday, August 09, 2011


The summer has gotten away from us. The heat here has been so bad. It has been to hot to go to the pool and that is very sad. July was so hot that we mowed our lawn 2 times the whole month.

The boys have started football practice. Taylor goes early in the mornings and Trevor goes in the afternnons. They both are loving it. I can not believe that Taylor is now a senior and will graduate in June. I will not know what to do with myself when I do not have a child in high school.

The twins are enjoying being back with KK. Even though we spend most of our time inside, they are enjoying not spending their days in a box. The other kids have spent time at both grandparents. Talicee is gone now to my parents for a week. Sure is different at my house. So quiet when the twins leave to go home.

Randy and I have been working on his parent's 50th anniversary party. I have enjoyed looking through all of the pictures from the 60's to the 2000's. Now to just get my project done is the next goal. With Randy working at night, I have to wait for him to tell me who is in some of the pictures. I don't have a problem with the ones in 2000 but earlier, it is hard to tell.

The kids have one more full week before school starts for the year. We have our first scrimmage on Friday night. All of our Friday's are booked with football until the first week in November. Talicee will start dance at the end of the month. I get 2 more children to watch next week because teachers go back to school. The extra money sure will help.

Life has just taken over our normal life. It seems there is always some kind of drama in our house. I wish for just one day where there is no drama. Probably will not get that wish. I will post pictures when I have more. My computer is getting full and I need to move them and have them printed. I think about this stuff in the middle of the night. I think I am going to put a pencil and paper beside my bed and write everything down when I think of it in the wee hours of the morning.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer. The leaves are beginning to turn and fall from the trees at my house.


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Becky said...

Yep I read it! Not as regular as I would like but do read it. I don't keep up with mine like I should but at least try to post pics.

Think of you often! Hugs!