Sunday, August 28, 2011


Ready for the 1st grade
My Class
1st day of 6th grade
1st day of the last day of High School
All ready to go to school

Boy has it been busy for us. Football practice started on Aug. 1st. Taylor had his first scrimmage on Aug 12th. He did a great job. On Monday, he got his report card for football. His was the highest score of the whole team. Trevor is loving being manager of the middle school team. I think he works as hard as the players.

I started babysitting Ginny and Zach. The week before school started I had 7 kids here at my house. One can say it was a little crazy. Then we had Talicee's preschool choir on Sunday. She loves to sing and perform. Watch out world her she comes.

I finished working on the posters for Randy's parents 50th Anniversary. It was so much fun going back and seeing what was popular during each decade. The party was great. Needless to say at 4:30 we were making table name tags. The party started at 6:00. Don and Carole really enjoyed it. Everyone seem to have a great time. They had not seen the timeline I had done, so they were surprised at some of the pictures. Sunday we celebrated Carole's birthday since we were all together. This does not happen much. Boy did I need a rest by the time we got home.

The week school started was an easy week. The twins were on vacation, so it was not so crazy. Talicee started on Monday. The boys started on Wednesday. Now everyone is back on schedule and ready for a great year. Can't believe that Taylor is a Senior now.

I have plenty more pictures to put up. Just finding time to do it is the problem. Not like I am busy. Enjoy these right now.

Football Scrimmage, Choir, 1st day of school

50th Anniversary Party


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