Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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I took the 3 girls to see Santa yesterday. The twins came in their holiday attire and of course Talicee was dressed in one of her's. We started out with a few rules. Since I was not taking the stroller, at all times, each one of them have to have each other's hand. We had to make a stop at the dentist for Talicee. She did great. We have to go back in 6 months. Then we headed out to the mall to see the man in a red suit. I just knew there would be a long line. But to my surprise, there was not. A couple of kids in front of us and that was it. I could not afford the pictures, so I asked if I could take some with my camera from the corner. Yes, I got to take them. That is why I have pictures with Santa. This Santa looked so real. His beard was the real thing.

After the visit, we headed to the train. The girls were so excited. The were all smiles as they went around time and time again. We then headed to lunch. Still no problems with running away or disobeying the rules. Lunch at Chickie was great. Each girl got a cow watch in their kids meal. Time to head home. Of course, they have those take your money rides. What can you do with 3 kids yelling "we want to ride mom." So the girls got to ride the merry go round.

I thought the girls would fall asleep in the car, but they held on until we got home. They slept until 4:30. Quiet afternoon.

Ready to see Santa

Which is bigger? The girls or the leopard. (Dirty Santa gift)

Carly and Santa

Kendal and Santa




I love their smiles


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