Thursday, March 15, 2012


Around here this week, it has been really warm. Like 25 degrees higher than it is suppose to be. The flowers are blooming. The trees are budding. The birds are singing (might loudly in the mornings) and we are sleeping with the windows open. Could this be the calm before the storm? Over the years I have watched my boys play and practice baseball in the snow. I really hope Spring is on its way. I love this time of year.

My kids and the kids that I keep have been outside after school every afternoon. Yes, when they get done playing, they have to head to the bathtub. GERMS and DIRT are good for the soul. When my kids play outside, they go to bed early and sleep really well. FRESH AIR NEVER HURT ANYONE.

The reason I say this is that some parents do not like to have their kids get dirty. They must be clean at all times. I am not one to run after a kid and say, let me wipe your hands, don't get into the dirt, don't do this or that or you will get dirty. Remember I have 3 boys and live in never never land on 5 acres of land. DIRT is a regular word in our house. Now that we have a dog, it just gets even dirtier.

So you clean folks: LET YOUR KIDS GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY IN THE DIRT. It will make them a better person. As I once heard this weekend, this is a playstation society. Yes, that means that kids do not go outside and play. They are attached to their computers, phones, IPods and most of all TV. Days and weeks like this week, when I was little, I never came in. I was not sick. I did not carry germs (and yes I ate dirt). I am pretty healthy. My kids beg to go outside. Use the imagination that God gave you and get outside.

Off my soapbox now.

She loves the warm weather
Reading and enjoying the sunshine
Frog and Toad (one of my favorites)
Can you say DIRT
Loving the weather


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