Saturday, March 24, 2012


What is it with fall and spring pictures? Capturing youthful years once a year is enough on my wallet. Why are these pictures so expensive? Why is everything so expensive any more?

Talicee brought home her school pictures the other day. I like the ones in the Spring because she does not have to wear her uniform for pictures. In the fall ones she does. They were great pictures. But the price for 5 sheets was just a little much. I should have scanned the pictures and then sent them back, but I was a good person and did not do that. I bought only one sheet and it was $13. Way too much for pictures. But who could resist this little cutie putie. Not me.

Well. things are getting crazy around here. Randy is still working around the clock. Even though he has cut back on one job, he still gets called in. What does cut back mean people? During Easter break we are headed to check out a college for Taylor. His career path changes daily like his underwear. Maybe this time he has decided what he wants to do. I thought women were the ones who changed their minds. Trying to prepare for Trevor's 13th birthday party. Waiting on cap and gown, graduation announcements. (tears). Working on graduation party arrangements and whatever else comes along.

I am tired, really tired mentally. When I go to bed, my mind never shuts down. I sleep, but I can feel my mind still doing its daily thing. What I would do for a good, slobbery deep sleep. Will that ever come again? Maybe when I am too old to think, I guess.

Blogging has been slow these days. I hardly have time to turn around any more. Before I know it, it is bath time and time for the kids to go to bed. But, this is what being a parent is all about
YOUR KIDS. I would not change a thing, except a little bit of deep sleep.


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