Monday, April 09, 2012


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What a great time we had with the whole family being home. We laughed, talked and just enjoyed everyone's company. After lunch, we headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Talicee learned to ride her bike. On Saturday, she learned to skate on inline skates. She is growing up way too fast.

We met Randy's parents and had dinner and left Trevor and Talicee with them for a few days. Then it is off to Nashville for Taylor and I. I can't believe he is graduating in 2 months. We are so proud of him. Finally making decisions that will effect his life. We are very proud of Tyler too. He will graduate from college next May. In order to get into the State Police, he has decided to join the National Guard. This will give him a better chance of getting in the first time. He will be gone all summer to Georgia. We can only write to him and maybe a phone call or two. I have having a hard time with this, but I know this will help him. So I will keep my opinions to myself.

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Nate said...

Happy Easter and happy Spring! Talicee is still very cute. Good luck with your summer without Trevor. Sounds really hard! Can't even imagine it as this point as my boys are so little.