Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, Taylor, mom and dad and I headed out for Nashville, TN on April 12th.  We were on a college road trip.  Taylor has decided to attend Nashville Auto/Diesel College.  He loves to work on cars and engines.  So we went to visit this college.  We all were very impressed with it.  It is an older school, but that does not matter.  We toured the whole campus.  We saw the classrooms and the hands-on sites.  We got to see the project that the class now is working on for the Auto show in August.  They still had a ways to go, but they will make it.  I was really impressed with the Financial Aide office.  I went in while Taylor tested.  They could not find our file at first.  First thing that comes to mind is that this is just like Liberty.  No idea about our Financial Aid.  Well, to my surprise, our file was already in with the August things.  Everything was done and ready to do.  I did not need to do anything thing.  The Financial Aid package we got just blew me away.  I could not have asked for more.  While we were printing out the form, a notice came in that Taylor had gotten a $1,000 scholarship.  So proud of him.  

We left there and went to the housing section.  Saw the dorm he will live in.  4 guys and 2 baths and a kitchen to share.  He really like it.  All he has to do is walk across the street.  Now to get him set up in the dorm.  

This is a long way from home.  It takes 8 hours to get here.  This is not get in the car and go home kind of place.  It is easily a 2 day trip.  I hope he does not get homesick.  We talk about the distance everyday.  I think if he keeps busy, which it looks like it is busy program, then he will be ok.

I thought I was doing well with him graduating.  But it has finally hit me.  In 2 months he will be a graduate.  We have lots to do before then, so maybe I can keep a little bit of this off of my mind.

I am not real sure I like this new blogger format.  I am learning.  I do not have time right now to learn a new program.  So bare with me.


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