Friday, June 29, 2012


How does blogging time get away? I just looked at my post and it will be almost a month since I have updated anything. Oh well, guess that means I am really busy. A lot has gone on here in the month of June. Graduation, leaving for boot camp, new house guest, new job and adjusting to the summer schedules. I thought after graduation, things might get back to normal. NOT! Who was I kidding.

Sunday after graduation, we headed to Lynchburg to pick up Tyler's things and his car before he left on Monday for Ft. Benning, GA.  Yes, he was leaving for basic training with the National Guard.  He wants to be a State Trooper and the advice given to him (through Randy's college roommate who is a State Trooper) he needed some military training and he might get in a little faster.  Well, needless to say, Momma does not want her boy in any kind of military stuff.  But it is his choice and he must do what he feels he needs to do.  I am proud of him for making this decision.  Am I happy about it?  Would you be?  But I am proud to say my first born has taken the bull by the horns and is making a dive into his life.  He will graduate Aug 23rd and Lindsay and I will be on a plane the day before to see him graduate.  We are hoping that we can fly back on the same plane as him.  So I might be asking for help from my friends who have connections with the airlines.  Just a heads up on that one.

Sunday was not a happy day.  I had cried all weekend.  Could not talk to anyone about it without just breaking down.  I have pictures of saying good bye, but I seem to not be able to look at them quiet yet.  Lindsay made me a video of him telling me goodbye and posted it on my wall on facebook.  I listen to it everyday.  Tears causing my vision to blur right now.  So after packing 2 cars with dirty stinky clothes and stuff, we as a family less Tyler, headed back home.  I cried for the next week.  Things have gotten a little better.  I still cry, but at least I have gotten to talk to him a few times.  He called Randy on Father's Day for the first time.  He sounded down.  Didn't make me feel any better.  Then the next weekend he called again and we talked for a while and I could hear in his voice that he was better.  I think he was homesick.  No not big boys.

I got my first letter (if you want to call it a letter) from him on Wednesday.  It was a photo copy of the address with corrections of where we could send him letter.  We got the do's and don'ts too.  Now reading the don'ts, I had to chuckle.  We can't send him, now get this, porn, knives, weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol.  Now who would send stupid junk like this.  This is just crazy.  But I guess that some of the people that are there need to be because of this junk.  He could have just blacked this junk out on my letter cause I would never send anything like this to anyone.  It also said not to send care packages and baked goods.  This I can understand, but the other stuff is just crazy.

I will upload pictures when I get a chance.  I have a house guest for a while and things are busy with Randy's new job.  He is not home a lot, so I am taking up the slack.  It will get worse when Taylor leaves in August.  Then I loose a driver and I will have to do the running.  

Well, it is early in the morning and I need to get started on the many things I need to get done.  It feels good to write about what has been happening in my life even though not many people read this.  Writing does a soul good.

Take time to pray for Tyler while he goes through his basics.  Pray for me also.  It is getting easier, but it will never be easy to see your child in the military.  I am very proud of him for wanting to do this.



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