Wednesday, July 04, 2012


We have been without power for 20 hours so far and no end in sight. We had a horrible storm last night that downed trees and took our power out. Randy is now working on cutting up the huge tree that took out the power. He says we will have enough wood from it to make it through most of the winter. According to my computer right now we are at 100 degrees. About that hot in the house too. We do have our generator going to keep the food in the 2 freezers and 2 frigs cold. Sad thing is that the same breaker runs the TV. So kids are happy about that. We have no water so we will be heading to a friends house to take a shower. We are leaving the kids there so they can get a good nights sleep in cool air. If the power is out for days, we may have to go to a hotel. Here are few pictures that I took of some of the damage.

UPDATE:  We are on day 6 without power.  We have no water and no air.  the temps have been in the high 90's to 100's so far.  Today will be the same.  Our friends have let us shower and cook dinner.  But it is just not like being in your own home.

I am at my wits end.  This camping thing was ok for a while, but 6 days is enough.  I am grouchy. whinney and just plum frustrated.  I don't think it is as much of not having power, but just dealing with the day to day things with this situation.

Randy works from 7:30 to 9:30 or 10 every night.  Taylor works until 7:30 every night.  So it leaves me to come home from babysitting (which I am doing at their house and can be in AC and take a shower), get dinner on the table, find the dog that has run off because we have no power for her shock collar, start the generator so it can run the frig for a while, put gas in the generator running the freezer, get things together for bed time, make sure dishes are cleaned up so there is no smell or little creatures.  Are you tired yet.  I am and this is just the beginning.  In the meantime, I  have to pay the bills, make sure I have my list of calls I need to make when I go the next day.  Check to make sure everyone has what they need for the next day.  I also have to call about Randy's truck that was wrecked almost a month ago and see if it is ready.  So far the body shop has not had any power, so who knows when we will get it (we are driving a nice rental on the others driver's dime).  It is very bad here in VA.  They are telling us that we may have power by Saturday night.  It is now Wednesday and the power line is still laying on the ground.
Yes, I am being whinney.  I have stuck it out long enough.  I have OCD, I am a perfectionist and a penny pincher.  I do not waste food (as I threw away over $200 worth of food this morning).  I need my world back.  On Friday, I had just finished cleaning my house and was going to vaccuum my floors and mop them on Saturday, but have not got that done yet.  For an OCD and perfectionist person, THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY).  I can' t wait to finish the task I started almost a week ago.  Of course it will be time to do it again.  Can't win for loosing.  I think I have gotten off my soap box now.

Pray our power comes on soon or the headlines won't be about the storm and the power outages but MOTHER TAKES FAMILY  AND LEAVES THEM BY THE ROAD BECAUSE SHE COULD NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. (she leaves them with nothing but the dirty clothes on their backs, their stinky bodies and the one water bottle they had left)

The other side of the road
The roots of the tree
One of the houses that had NOTHING  in their yard
Used to be straight
See the faint white wire in the left hand corner, that is the power line still laying in the road on day 6
Just another wire entangled in the trees


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