Sunday, August 19, 2012


Never fails were ever we go something always happens.  Right before we got ready to pull out, I asked Taylor to put Trevor's motor cycle at the building.  Since we are not home, he can not ride it.  So off he goes, without a helmet.  I look up and I see him coming back to the motor cycle and the motor cycle still running laying on its side.  Taylor had hit the little ditch in the grass and flipped off.  Arm was bleeding and he skinned his side up.  Kid never listen.
After being an hour late, we finally left.  Dropped Talicee off with my parents and headed to Nashville.  We arrive about 2:00 a.m. central time.  Forgot it was an hour difference.  Got into our room without any trouble at all.  We got up and headed to the college to get him moved into his quad.

I have never seen the expression on my son's face as I did when we walked into his room.  Just remember that this is an all guys dorm and the maintenance person is a man.  Enough said.  We walked in and Taylor just sat down on the bed and did not move.  As many of you know me, I am OCD.  This place did not come anywhere to meeting my standards.  Glad I wore old clothes.  So I started cleaning.  After 3 hours of cleaning, it came a little closer to my standards.  Taylor said I even cleaned the baseboards.  When I left his room, I felt comfortable for him to stay there.  I do have to say, that while I was cleaning, I did not find one bug.  I was glad about this.  Had dinner at a really nice place.  The guys wanted to try gator.  But they were out, so sorry not.

We left and went and showered and headed out for sight seeing.  What a scene.  We headed down town Nashville.  Saw many sights as you can see.  The one thing we did not expect was that we would witness an arrest.  Just imagine a police scene on TV.  We parked along the river and was walking over to the downtown streets.  We stopped at the Do Not Walk Sign.  All of a sudden her comes a cop on a motorcycle and stops right in the middle of the road.  Then another one and then 2 police cars.  The one on the motorcycle hopped off and ran to a guy walking on the grass yelling get down, get down.  Then we heard a loud pop (he had his knight stick out while yelling).  We watched for a while.  Taylor said he saw them pull baggies off of him.  I guess it was a drug arrest.  I wanted to take pictures, but thought I might be arrested for interfering.  I was just like a TV scene.

Wednesday we registered him for class.  I can say when we went to the business office, it was so nice not to have to give them any money.  Grants, scholarships and loans paid it all.  We even got him a meal plan.  After getting his classes, we headed out to get groceries and supplies he might need.  Let me say, if you do not know where you are going, you spend a lot of time on the loop to loopy.  We did this about 4 times before getting to a really nice Walmart.  Tourist at their best. LOL

Our time is winding down.  We headed out to eat dinner.  We decided to head back down town to the Spaghetti Warehouse.  Oh, it was so good.  We just about got thrown out because we were laughing so hard.  Taylor at his finest.  Mom you will understand.  I laughed so hard, I was crying.  So different than the day before.  Because I was sure he was coming back with us.  But finally saw he was a little more sure about the whole thing.  After dinner we headed to Opry Mills Mall.  He wanted to go to Bass Pro.  I shopped else where.  We met at Johnny Rockets and had a milkshake.  Time is going fast.  We laughed so hard here too.

Time to say goodbye.  We took him back to his dorm and said our goodbyes.  I could tell he wanted to cry, but held it back.  I am sure he did when he got back into his room.  His roommate was not there yet.  I am so proud of him.  He is going to do great with school.

I talked to him yesterday and he had a good day.  He had orientation and then the roommates headed out.  They found a place to hunt and fish.  So he is happy now.  Classes start Monday.

Now, I am headed out again to fly to GA to see Tyler graduate from Basic Training for the National Guard.  Then home to finish his last year of college and head out into the big world.

So proud of my boys.
Yes, I have no makeup on
Downtown Nashville
Titian Stadium
Right before we saw the police scene

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Cheri said...

Oh, what an amazing time! I would have cleaned the room with you. I'm probably not as OCD as you, but man I need a clean place.

Is graduation so soon? Seth left 6/11 and doesn't graduate until 9/7. Only a couple of weeks til we leave. We can't wait!

Glad all is well with you guys. Its nice seeing the updates. Two down and two to go. I'm glad I still have the little ones keeping me busy. Take care!