Monday, August 13, 2012


I remember watching him accept his High School diploma and all of the excitement of him graduating.  How happy he was to finally close another chapter in his lifetime book. (tears)

Today we will start another chapter in the book called life.  We are headed off to college this evening.  As each box gets packed, I see my middle son growing oh so fast.  (tears).  We have gathered college things since graduating from High School.  Our garage is full of things he will need to take this next step.  Oh what a long step this one will be.  8 hours is a long way away from home.  Not just a day trip anymore or a 45 minute trip.  So many miles from home. (tears)

We will move him into his quad tomorrow and orientation will be on Wednesday and Wednesday night we will say goodbye to my middle son.  Where did the time go?  All of the injuries, the play guns, the legos, the fights with brothers and his sister.  The smiles, laughs and jokes.  The if he makes it to graduation, he will be the luckiest child alive saying go.  They are now memories I will have to keep reliving as he begins this next life step.

Is he ready to be this far way from Mom? Can he study and make good grades without his mom on his back?  Can he make those decisions that need to be made right way without mom's help?  All I can do is pray and pray more that I have raised him to be the best he can be.  Am I sad, you bet I am.  I like all of my chicks to be in the same nest or at least where I can reach out and get them.  God will protect him in everything that he does. (can't see to type for the tears)

Taylor I will miss you more than you will ever know.  Says a lot about a mom who can say goodbye to 2 of her sons in less than 3 months apart.  I will pray for you everyday.  I love you to the moon and back and even more.  You will do great at college.  You are a very smart boy man.

Good luck and always remember I LOVE YOU.


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