Saturday, August 04, 2012


My parents did some remodeling to their house and this was in their attic.  It is over 40 years old and they still work. Both light bulbs are the orginial light bulbs.  I took Talicee to Toy R Us and bought a easy bake oven cake mix.  She was so thrilled to use my oven to make her dad's favorite cake Red Velvet.   She was amazed that it really still worked.  I also got my doll bed, high chair and my barbies.  I got a box of stuff I had saved with my diary in it.  It has been so much fun looking through all of this stuff.

My easy bake oven
Is Kenner still in business?
Light bulb still works
Still have the cooking kit
Ready to bake
A good chef always taste before serving
Look it actually is baking it
I smell it
Needs the icing
Still works
Completed cake for my daddy

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