Saturday, September 29, 2012


Well, I did something that I said I would not do.  Yes, we began cheer competition today.  This one was for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser, so no one really won.  It gave her a chance to see if this is what she would like to do.  When we came out to get in the car, her words were "I really enjoyed doing this, can we do it again."  So I guess I have my answer.  Her team did very well.  I was very impressed with the groups.  We did not stay for the big girls since we had been there since 12 and she was very hungry.  I am sure they did great too.

Each group was introduced and everyone clapped for everyone.  Her group at the award for Most Outstanding and Form.  She learned a lot from the other groups and she watched the bigger girls warm up.

Guess my future days will be cheer competitions.  Sure hope I do not turn out to be a cheer mom like the dance moms.  Of course, I am a dance mom, but would never act like one of these ladies.  

We really enjoyed our day that was spent with 455 cheerleaders, parents and fans.

Having fun before the competition
Pee Wee's

No wonder they won for best form

Accepting the awards

So excited to get their award

Miss Attitude

Love the uniform.  We are the only ones that have these types of shells
Like my award

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Cheri said...

Wow I can't believe how big she is getting.